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I would expect that scoring 1-6000 (ad.last.Bottom) is far worse than scoring 3-3000 (Moron), but it does not seem to matter. What counts is that Moron does lose, or at least not win, against bots that get disabled or can not hit a SittingDuck. Congratulations with this bot that fully forfills its purpose! -- GrubbmGait

Yeah, I think beyond a 1/1000 ratio it's moot. I am seeing a lot of 0.0 scores so perhaps it is rounding down if lower than 1/2000 or so. One thing for certain is that my score wouldn't be in the negatives without the help of ad.last.Bottom scoring 99.9% against me. I am a bit disappointed that I wasn't able to beat SittingDuck by making myself more of a target. I guess Moron is harder to hit in melee since he keeps chasing people who try to get away. -- Martin

Success! It took a while for the melee rumble numbers to settle, but Moron has taken the crown of worst melee bot. -- Martin

Hmm...If Moron purposely disables himself, will that battle count? --Starrynte

Nope, if a score turns out to be xxxx to zero, that battle does NOT count. When running RR@Home, sometimes you see such a score between wavesurfers and HOT-bots, but a re-run of the match will eventually give a valid result. So your participant (Wors(t)(e)RobotEver) will not get a ranking, luckily you made a typo when submitting it. -- GrubbmGait

Actually, this fact is part of what makes Moron so impressive. If getting a low rating were as simple as getting a zero score, it would be easy, but Moron does its best to get a super low non-zero score against everyone! =) -- Voidious

I think Moron couldn't have reached the negative rating without the help of ad.last.Bottom. To be beaten so soundly by the second worst bot really drives his rating through the floor. -- Martin Edit: Looks like I already said that before. /shrug

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