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After all, I think the traditional MEA is theoretically correct. And I have a proof that is too large to fit in the margin ;).

It seems that I made a mistake in previous calculation.

Correct calculation —

Consider a situation when you move orbital to the source of the wave with constant retreat angle (therefore constant lateral velocity and retreat velocity) —




where x is retreat velocity (the negative of advancing velocity)

However this formula is not greater than the traditional one ;/

Sorry guys.

Anyway, unlike traditional MEA which you can use for only one wave — this formula is capable of being used to maximize escape angle of every wave. Therefore it is still better — useful for wave surfers.

The best retreat angle (for power 3.0 bullet, considering only MEA) is — 1.152871236rad. (where moving away directly is 0rad)

BetterMEABulletSpeed19 7.png

BetterMEAResultBulletSpeed19 7.png

And for 19.7 wave speed — the result is mea = 0.414994rad, while the traditional one is 0.418172793rad. Pretty close though? (0.1821°) And you can do that for every wave! (until you hit the wall ;) )

The best retreat angle for power 0.1 bullet (considering only MEA) is 1.360194211rad. (where moving away directly is 0rad)