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I'm a (now - 1972) old geodesist who worked most of the time as a software developer. I live in Germany, but I spent a couple of years in Australia. That's probably the reason why all my bots have Aussie animal names. My first robocode experience was in Jan. 2012 and I wish I had known about it earlier. For me it is a great opportunity to fetch back some long lost math skills.

I'm mostly interested in melee and team activities because they are fun to watch.



  • wompi.Wallaby - A micro melee bot and the best I've come up with so far. It has a good circular targeting gun with wall backtracking and averaged enemy velocities. The radar is a simple gun heat lock. The movement combines minimum risk with antigravity and oscillation.
  • wompi.Quokka - A nano melee bot with somewhat naive orbit movement and a precise circular targeting gun. It's only 22nd place in the nano melee rumble, because the movement is still too weak. The gun is somewhat special within the nano class, because it fully supports circular targeting with wall handling and wall backtracking.
  • wompi.Echidna - A modular bot that can handle almost everything that I've come up with so far. It has multiple guns(HOT, PlayItForward, Linear, Circular, Displacement Vector gun, PatternGun), Radars(Simple Spin, GunLock, MeleeFieldScan, WeightedScanField), and Movements(Antigrav,BattleFieldSegmenter, MinimumRisk, Orbiting).
  • wompi.Wombat - This should be my mega bot, but until I get the basics this one is stalled. An idea for this one is to implement a melee field statistic supported by ants.
  • wompi.Numbat - A melee bot with Single-Tick Pattern Matching based on SingleTick, a tutorial bot of Simonton. Supports my weighted melee radar and Wallaby movement.


  • wompi.Kowari - My first 1vs1 bot. Mainly a prof of concept nano bot where I can test my nano-sized gun and move formulas. Contains HoT and Linear targeting dodge movement, distance dependent velocity, linear gun with averaged lateral velocity, nano-sized radar lock and an enemy energy based bullet power selection.


  • wompi.TassieDevils - My first entry to the twin team action. Incredibly fun to play with and I really like it. The first release wasn't that impressive because it lost to almost every team - beside the almighty LunarTwins. Looks like the tassies can be a major threat to the leading team with survival rate of 70%. Right now I have plenty of code size left(almost 1000 bytes), and many ideas to spend it on. The Twins are based on wompi.Wallaby and share the same code for gun, movements and radar. I implemented a very basic team force system which lets the tassies stay together or far away from each other. These can handle aggressive close combat teams and mid range splitters. The source will be released if I can clean the code somewhat, right now I'm too shy to show my ugly programming "skills". But it is, like I said, all based on wallaby.

Next step is to fix the poor performance against StopAndGo movers.


  • wompi.Bilby - Nano concept bot, handles little code snippets.
  • wompi.Turret - Stationary target which can be equipped with all my guns (they don't shoot each other, kind of my first team).
  • wompi.Stone - Like SittingDuck, but it can be commanded to certain field positions.


  • Well, of course, make a well written bot.
  • Maybe find something new (always exciting).
  • Have fun (I have no doubt about that).
  • See how ants might work for robocode bots.

Code Snippets

This is mostly a reminder for me, but feel free to use it if you want.
MeleeRadar DebugRobotPath