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Hello. My name is Mike Goelz and I have been building robots since around 2002. I am a professional C++ programmer by trade and I love the java language but hate the standard java coding style, so all my code looks like C++ (more white-space, column aligned brackets).

I am new to the wiki and don't really know anything about writing articles on here so please feel free to comment on my style and suggest ways to improve, also I don't know any HTML. If someone could show me some easy ways to pretty up my page that would be nice.

Lately I have been working on improvements/modules for the Module architecture by Jab. I am trying to figure out a way to tie wave data collection into the module structure by default so that when a wave "breaks" the angle offsets are propagated to all listening module/parts.

WonderlandTeam - I'm working on a team since the competition is light in that area. This team will be a 1 radar 4 droid team that uses the droids to actively shield the leader. Not sure how good it will work since they will be purposefully trying to group together. The bots will use my awesome pattern matcher gun until I figure out GF stuff.

Mirrormask - this is a bot I'm working on that uses what I call radial mirror movement. It is a form of copycat movement that tries to keep the same distance as the target from the center in the opposite direction. if the target is at (r, theta) in polar coordinates then Mirrormask is at (-r, theta). The guns are a vgun array using waves to collect scores for the guns. There is a HOT, linear, circular, pattern matcher, and average offset gun in the vgun array. Probably I will add a random lead gun in the future.

You should check out some of the open source nano mirror bots. They've been doing copy cat mirrors for a while and you might get some pointers. --Miked0801 21:17, 15 May 2009 (UTC)
Ah yeah, a version of MirrorMaster did this, its interesting but vs some who do not recognize the center of the battlefield as an uncrossable point, you will collide and die a lot. My advice is to add some basic MinRisk or AntiGrav when near the other robot to avoid rammers and to avoid colliding when you get to near the center of the field. --Chase 08:32, 16 May 2009 (UTC)