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Enyo - Thrown together from a few examples of each of the parts. The radar is a wide lock radar, because I couldn't get the turn multiplier lock to work as expected. For the targeting I have a slightly modified circular targeting system. For the movement, I took BasicGTSurfer, changed some parts to make it a bit smaller, and then spliced the code into Enyo, at the same time removing my old random movement code. Then, I added segmentation, and made it so that the robot would save all it's data between matches.

Copper - Came from both a self-challenge to make a nanobot and the notice that sample.Walls consistently lasts longer than you would expect it to. First, I set it up to automatically orient itself towards a wall, then either move towards or away from it. Then i implemented a 1-line narrow lock radar, then a modified version of the nanobot-sized noniterative linear targeting code on the Linear Targeting page. After that, I added a bit of code that would monitor the opponent's energy. If the opponent's energy decreases by 3 or less, the bot will randomly change velocity, while still staying against the wall.

Version 0.2- Fixed a glitch that prevented Copper from ever going much below maximum velocity forward. With this changed, it now beats Enyo 1 on 1 about 56% of the time.