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Hi, everyone!

I'm a Japanese who majored in Information Science in university. Sometimes, I'm programming in hobby. I like Java language very much.

I found Robocode in 2013, and participated in Roborumble. So, I'm a Robocode beginner.

My robots are still not so strong. But someday, I would like to create robots which rank in the top 100.


For the moment, I'm mainly creating NanoBots for the practice of Robocode programming. After a while, I would like to try creating more stronger robots.

Basically, my robots are named by adding the abbreviation of targeting algorithm name to movement algorithm name. So, if you look at the name of the robot, I think that it is easy to understand the robot's function.

These robots are open source. And, I created these robots as the sample robots. For beginners just getting started Robocode like me, I'm going to create robots with simple source codes which are easy to understand as much as possible.

If you come to win the default sample robots in Robocode, let's try fighting my robots. As these robots are not so strong, I think that these robots will become good training partners.

My robots which I created are listed in the below.

  • Robot Name , APS




This zip file includes my all NanoBots. Let's try!