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I'm a Canadian, a computer engineering student in my final year of study, and a Robocode fan since late 2007. I check up on the wiki very often (some weeks, as often as 4 times a day) even when not actively robocoding and hope to one day have a robot at legendary as SandboxDT (yeah right... :P).

Robocode Research

Ongoing (somewhat?)

  • "Least-Squares Auto-Segmenting Tree" based targeting... Might end up quite strong?
  • SaphireSlippers - A plan for a kinda-GT surfing method. Should be more versatile/intelligent than most and easily adaptable to melee.
  • SaphireEdge - Targeting experiments, such as sizable improvements to VCS, and new adaptive techniques against surfers.


  • Various on old wiki, will probably migrate eventually
  • CarpetFinder - Graphs/research to find the optimal probabilities of changing direction!

Code Tidbits

  • Various on old wiki, will probably migrate eventually
  • FastTrig - A small class with some trig lookup tables.
  • kD-Tree - A nice efficent kD-Tree.


Released bots

  • LunarTwins - A team I made for TwinDuel. Instead of being two advanced targeting/dodging bots as is often the case in TwinDuel, it focuses on some tactics.
  • RougeDC - A DynamicClustering bot I'm starting to test a few ideas (perhaps innovative ideas if I'm lucky).
  • Woodchip - Very unoriginal code (borrows RaikoNano movement for one). Big "ProblemBot" for many strong bots due to it's strange gun though. Retired
  • Polylunar - A team that extends LunarTwins tactics to the team roborumble. Working quite well but lots of room for improvement
  • MiniSurreptitious - My mini melee bot with Minimum Risk Movement and Head-On Targeting.
  • PolishedRuby - The strongest mirror movement bot ever (as of Dec 2008) ;-)
  • Carpet - A micro bot that hopes to take a throne.
  • Glacier - My new melee bot, hoping to beat Shadow and give Diamond and Portia some competition. Eventually planning to make into a strong 1v1 competitor as well.
  • Midboss - An experiment, starting with what happens if I put the SaphireEdge Gun onto RougeDC's movement.

Unreleased Vaporware

  • Mervin - My first moronic attempt at robocoding. It was kind of modular but very sloppy, and consisted of not much more than a circular movement predictor and a hacked up mostly-perpendicular movement pattern.
  • Gwynfor - My second attempt at robocoding, which last served at a platform for testing my "Neural Pattern Matching" idea. I made a lot of different features in Gwynfor over time but nothing noteworthy and the code ended up a sloppy mess.
  • TangoDeLaLuna - An experimental close-range fighter. Some interesting code is there, but much work is needed before it amounts to anything.

Figments of my Imagination

Probably reality within the next year

  • UndyingTiger - Extremely agressive survivalist/PL bot based on same framework as SapphiricMuse
  • SapphiricMuse - Overall strong bot to use the fruitation of SaphireEdge and SaphireSlippers
  • Fleck - A NanoBot coded in java assembly to have more direct control of how the codesize is used. Might just be my own take on the 'NanoSurfer' concept too...

Who knows when/if it'll happen

  • PolishedSaphire - A mirror even better than PolishedRuby
  • WaveBumper - A surfing Rambot? Surely I wouldn't be so crazy... ;-)
  • TortoiseTwins - An idea for a TwinDuel team, experimenting with BulletShielding in a TwinDuel setting.
  •  ??? - A bot that uses prerecorded 'dances'... mostly fun but might be strong-ish too...


  • Get SaphireEdge to beat up everything, even surfers, reeeeeaaal good
  • Make SaphireSlippers into a strong movment instead of some early prototype code


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