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First of all, your bots are amazing. You've engineered the most outstanding all-purpose 1-on-1 movement of all time as far as I can tell, you have a consistently high-performance gun added to it, and the state of the art in Robocoding is still trying to catch up with SandboxDT (although it is closer than it ever has been before). I must say that many of the concepts you put into SandboxDT have been mangled and spat back out into FloodMini, FloodHT and Fhqwhgads. I just hope you don't go and torture each of them for being overly predictable! Let me know if you're ever into team bot development ;-) -- Kawigi

I guess I have given contribute to the value of the inspiration you have provided elsewhere. For sure, SandboxDT has influenced the Robocode map more than any other bot. Even when Marshmallow has inherited its crown we will all remember the old king and keep its memory in glory. =) -- PEZ

I have to say, SandboxDT was huge inspiration to me. Paul not only managed to stay ahead, he actually came up with the concept of the Guess Factor, probably one of the biggest contributions to Robocode anybody could make. You have my respect! However, I'd like to see a return to Robocode ;-) --Skilgannon 08:46, 12 May 2009 (UTC)