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Who am I?

I’m currently a junior in high school from New Jersey, US. I’ve been interested in computers and what can be done with them for nearly as long as I can remember. I was introduced to Robocode this year by a really awesome computer science teacher and was instantly hooked.

Active or planned projects

  • Create a new, competitive melee/1v1 bot using what I’ve learned from SleepSiphon.
  • Make an attempt at a teams setup and see if I can dethrone (or, at least, come close to) the TwinDuel champions.
  • Learning bots:
Right now, the most advanced “learning” that any of my bots do is switching between a set of predefined guns based on their virtual hit rate (see: Virtual Guns). I plan to read up on basic machine learning & statistics and data structures (k-d trees & similar) so that, hopefully, I can make some legitimately competitive bots for Roborumble.

My Bots

In Competition

  • SleepSiphon - My initial foray into Robocoding, started as a final project for my computer science class. It got me first place in our own tournament-style competition. Despite being the winner, the code is absolutely horrendous, as I had no idea what I was doing when I started. Although it is the most “spaghetti” code that I have ever written, I won’t be updating the bot and will, instead, focus on my new bots for Roborumble.
  • Vergere - A nano bot I threw together as a challenge against a friend from my computer science class: My 170 bytes vs his 1100 bytes. Over 500 rounds, I won! (64% to 36%)


  • ModularBot (in progress) - Not entirely sure where I am going with this project yet...


  • Code Size Utility (Download) - While browsing the wiki, I found that the link to the code size utility was broken. I wanted a standalone application for checking robot code-size, so I added a console interface to the CodeSizeCalculator that is packaged with Robocode.

Other notes

  • I occasionally run the “JP” server for Roborumble results.