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This page is dedicated for describing the aaa.util.math.U

U is a universal math library, where U stands for Universal.

The purpose of U is to avoid code like this, which coupled business logic and math logic

double absoluteBearing = this.getHeadingRadians() + event.getBearingRadians();
double latVel = Math.sin(event.getHeadingRadians() - absoluteBearing) * event.getVelocity();
double advVel = -Math.cos(event.getHeadingRadians() - absoluteBearing) * event.getVelocity();

write like this:

V direction = direction(robot.pos(), enemy.pos());
double latVel = cross(direction, enemy.vel());
double advVel = -dot(direction, enemy.vel());

the second one is also much faster because it involves no trig.