Poisoning Enemy Learning Systems

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Hmm. I disagree with all guns shooting the same way at the obvious spikes, because I think there is really a lot of variety in gun configurations, especially once you start getting into Anti-Surfer guns. But most guns, even AS guns, are learning a lot from virtual waves. So the ideal situation is that you're creating really strong spikes in those virtual waves but still dodging the dangerous spots of real waves. That seems pretty difficult, but maybe possible.

On a semi-related note, I definitely think there's lots of room for improvement in surf stats with proactive stuff like this. I've put in a bunch of effort on "light" flatteners to flatten movement even against weaker learning guns, or switching to a different random movement profile each time I'm hit instead of actually dodging past bullet hits. So far I haven't had any success, but I still think there's something to those ideas. It bothers me that I have to get hit to change my movement profile.

Voidious23:01, 22 July 2012