Poisoning Enemy Learning Systems

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That's pretty interesting stuff, and not just in relation to Robocode.

As for Robocode applications, poisoning the enemy's guns with data also carries the risk of not dodging bullets, since the data gathering and the classification are so intertwined. But it's the type of technique you'd only use against high level opponents, like we do with flatteners, so it's already a situation where you're not able to dodge very accurately.

But I wonder... One thing it mentions is that this is possible if you have access to the same data as the enemy. In Robocode, of course we do, technically. But if that were really true, we'd be able to emulate the enemy's gun stats and do perfect curve flattening and never get hit. So I think it's probably closer to true that we don't have access to the same data as the enemy.

Voidious17:47, 22 July 2012

Actually it is possible to emulate opponent guns unless they use some pseudo-random technique. But we don't perfectly emulate because there are many different guns from many different opponents and few bots try to classify and specialize against the bot it is battling against (i.e. ScannedRobotEvent.getName()). Generalist bots are more fun.

MN17:59, 22 July 2012