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Well, I would argue the GigaRumble should be renamed to the Top30Rumble. I was the one who created the meleeTop30rumble. The name make sense to me. Top30 is self speaking, unlike GigaMeleeRumble which confusingly seems to be opposite of nano/micro/mini, i.e. refers to the size. I presume it has some historical roots, but I joined robocode too late to know the meaning of the Giga name.

May be someone with longer presence can enlighten us about the Giga name history.

Beaming (talk)00:58, 28 July 2015

Well, originally the name was Strongest Bots Rumble. Yeah, I used "giga" as a riff on (bigger than) "mega" when we finally implemented it, whatever 9 years later.

Voidious (talk)01:08, 28 July 2015