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I'll keep it in mind, but it will also depend on what people are doing with BerryBots. I'd rather let things happen organically with people writing bots however they like before trying to force categories on them. Though some structure might encourage competition, and in turn, bot authoring. I certainly would love to have a BerryRumble and have plans for a battle runner API to support those type of use cases.

It's kind of funny how official the 250/750/1500 thresholds became. They started as the rules for some weekly tournaments (MiniBot Challenge and Robocode Little League). I wonder if those guys ever thought the divisions would remain unchanged for 9+ years. =)

If you have interest in 500 or 1000 code size classes, I say you just start making bots and go from there. I'm not sure what RoboRumble client modifications would be necessary, but they shouldn't be too hard. If the classes are interesting, other folks might follow suit. And until then, it would be kinda cool to crush MicroBots with your, uh, MicnoBots (?).

Voidious18:20, 1 March 2013

I say we name weight classes with official Metric prefixes.

I've been thinking about trying pico bots. Retreat is only three bytes shy of counting as one.

Sheldor18:31, 1 March 2013

Mini isn't a metric prefix. So we can use anything before mega, but after micro for a 500 byte rumble.

KiloRumble HectoRumble DekaRumble CentiRumble DeciRumble MilliRumble

Or we can make one up

Rumblette NeoRumble TinyRumble PetiteRumble ParvoRumble GrafitRumble

Chase18:35, 1 March 2013

I'll just be annoying (There is a reason I chose this username.) and say deci- should come before centi-.

We already have a NeoRumble. :)

Sheldor22:03, 1 March 2013