Robot Benchmarking Thoughts

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That sounds sweet Rednaxela! I've had the same thoughts about TC scoring being very odd compared to hit rate - it (basically) gives a 100 for anything over a certain hit rate in a round, then scales down to 0 for anything under that. It's one thing I really like about using WaveSim.

Another thing I would suggest adding is energy ratio ((damage done + energy gained) / energy fired). That's what I key off of when using WaveSim, and to me, it seems like the best "real world" fitness measurement.

Another interesting thing to me would be which bot is approaching/retreating most, or which bot is usually occupying center field vs being pushed to the corners. It's generally advantageous APS-wise to keep as much distance as possible, but between two evenly matched bots, the bot with the lower desired distance is sometimes at a huge advantage, since he has a bigger MEA than the bot stuck in the corner.

Voidious15:36, 17 May 2012