Bugs in random movement for 0.10B

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Raiko's movement is a lot bigger than it needs to be. If you want good RM in a micro, Toorkild's is much more efficient. (Even though it has the same effect.) It's what I used in EpeeistMicro.

If you really want to make a competitive micro, you should start battles with SAG, and only switch if you're getting hit a lot. It only costs about ~80 bytes, and it makes a big difference in APS.

Sheldor (talk)03:41, 12 December 2013

Thanks for the good advice! I'll implement that in a later version... Probably around 0.15.

I'm making a stop and go bot right now, and it gets nearly 100% against both HOT and LT. Though I've never used it in a multimode.

Kimstron (talk)03:47, 13 December 2013