What avg bullet dmg of robot in battle against himself may mean?

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I cannot understand yours point because of my english skill or simple misunderstanding. Currently Tomcat uses this algorithm (in roughly):

  • predict movement in CW and CCW directions until closest's wave travel time > 0
  • for each point calculate it's danger as: (amount of possible bullets within +/-botWidthInRadians * 0.75) * (high danger) + (amount of possible bullets within +/-botWidthInRadians * 2.25) * (low danger danger) (distance in radians between point and bullet bearing offset is also taken in account, botWidthInRadians are calculated exactly)
  • move in direction with safet position or if distance to safest point <= stop distance, then go there directly (yes, i know that it's my not good bicycle and it's another reason of birth of ConceptA:) )

Where i can add precise intersection? May be it can be applied only for true surfing? Are you know is DrussGT use it in movement?

Jdev21:53, 20 June 2012

DrussGT doesn't use precise intersection, but it would work and is something I've been contemplating adding. I'm just worried that it would be very slow.

Skilgannon02:23, 22 June 2012