What avg bullet dmg of robot in battle against himself may mean?

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I've always found it optimal to surf until the wave is one tick from center. Effectively, this is when it passes your center, since it will move and then check for collisions before you can move again. While there still could be firing angles that would hit you after this, most of them would have already hit you, so it makes sense.

I guess you're just using the firing angle on the last tick you surf that wave? Of all the firing angles that would hit your bot for that movement option, using precise intersection will let you use the angle at the center of that range as the input to your danger calculation. (Or the whole range, depending on how your danger formula stuff works.) I was surprised by how much I gained by it. Pretty sure I argued against it having value for a while before I tried it. =))

Voidious21:21, 20 June 2012

I cannot understand yours point because of my english skill or simple misunderstanding. Currently Tomcat uses this algorithm (in roughly):

  • predict movement in CW and CCW directions until closest's wave travel time > 0
  • for each point calculate it's danger as: (amount of possible bullets within +/-botWidthInRadians * 0.75) * (high danger) + (amount of possible bullets within +/-botWidthInRadians * 2.25) * (low danger danger) (distance in radians between point and bullet bearing offset is also taken in account, botWidthInRadians are calculated exactly)
  • move in direction with safet position or if distance to safest point <= stop distance, then go there directly (yes, i know that it's my not good bicycle and it's another reason of birth of ConceptA:) )

Where i can add precise intersection? May be it can be applied only for true surfing? Are you know is DrussGT use it in movement?

Jdev21:53, 20 June 2012

DrussGT doesn't use precise intersection, but it would work and is something I've been contemplating adding. I'm just worried that it would be very slow.

Skilgannon02:23, 22 June 2012