GoTo surfing vs True Surfing

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Thanks for response - I compectly agree that DrussGT is badass:)
And i pretty sure, that Tomcat's APS leak is in gun:)
Also, i notice today, that Diamond now use similar with Tomcat scheme of enery managment. And now they can spend hours hitting each other with low power bullets with energy less than ~20:)

Offtop: Help me to understand english little more:) for me word "badass" sounds very rough, but since you use it, i think i misunderstood it "strength". Can i use this word in conversation, for example, with children?

Jdev21:42, 8 December 2011

Well, I probably wouldn't say "badass" around young children, but it's not very vulgar. It is pretty casual / not formal / slang, though - I wouldn't use it in a paper for school, but I wouldn't expect to get detention if I said it on front of a teacher either. =)

Voidious21:52, 8 December 2011

Thanks for levelup:)

Jdev21:55, 8 December 2011

And more, Skilgannon, befare i agree with Voidious, that DrussGT is badass, i translate this word with Google and he shows word, which can be used by good teacher in kindergarten, so i did not want to be rough (vulgar?):)

Jdev22:05, 8 December 2011