What are you playing right now, guys?

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What are you playing right now, guys?

Dont tell me flappy bird? ;P

Iiley (talk)17:14, 2 April 2014

It varies really. I was recently playing Sleeping Dogs, but I also broke out my old GBA and am playing some old Pokemon games. The wiki is a bit dead right now, but I still try in check in one or twice a week.

Chase08:43, 4 April 2014

i always check every day

Tmservo (talk)03:52, 5 April 2014

Speaking of Game Boy Advance, does anyone have the Eragon game? There's a Michael Dorgan listed in the credits. I wonder if that's Miked0801.

Sheldor (talk)22:57, 11 April 2014

Ooh! One of the old guard! I'm busy with real life at the moment, and the ideas I have for Robocode and all too complicated to be completed in a weekend. But some very 'preposterous' ideas that might just change the robocode dynamic all over again are something I definitely have tucked up my sleeve =)

Skilgannon (talk)20:27, 6 April 2014

Hi Iiley, your bots always gave me (and still do) a lot of trouble. Your cx. bots (and Pear ofcourse) still have the name of being very tough. Nice of you to drop by. For me, too little time to even work out the 'simplest' idea's, but I still check the wiki around twice a week. Maybe when you give Pear an update and shake up the ranking . . .

GrubbmGait (talk)20:07, 7 April 2014

Hi, ohhIiley (talk) the wiki is not death, you guys cool. I just can't forget the game, so check here some time some thing remind me robocode. I miss the time when i was playing, but i have no idea if i will update my robots right now, i'm just back to see you guys, to see if there's some new here. :) Please write your idea bot out, GrubbmGait, maybe it will be the new dominion of robots. ;)

Iiley (talk)20:10, 10 April 2014

Smash Up, the board game. Lots and lots of Smash Up. I am thinking about working more on Giskard though. Had a bit of a scare when the wiki was down for a while, just as I went back to read about the rumble ranking calculations.

-- Synapse | talk16:03, 12 April 2014

Maybe you should combine autoselected segmentation with dynamic clustering

Tmservo (talk)00:27, 18 April 2014

Faster Than Light (Steam version). An free expansion was released a few days ago.

Also trying to build a bot for General game playing. I learned how to work around the Multi-armed bandit problem we stumbled in the rumble a long time ago. Someone suggested priority battles should be based on sampled variance to minimize error in scores. But sampled variance also has an error and variance. You need variance to choose where to sample, but need samples to calculate variance.

MN (talk)12:33, 19 April 2014

does general game playing mean roborumble meleerumble and teamrumble

Tmservo (talk)20:34, 19 April 2014

Nope. Follow the link for a description.

GGP bots are designed to be able to play different games, all with the same engine (same source code). It can play tic-tac-toe, checkers, chess...

The server gives the rules of the game at runtime, the bot processes the rules and figures out how to play it at runtime. And then it plays it against other GGP bots.

MN (talk)22:56, 20 April 2014

Unbelievable, it's already 10 years ago. I used to check the news on this site occasionally. How I loved this game... I just didn't have enough time anymore, and probably would be in need to get some programming skills first to keep up nowdays :) I remember the last thing I wanted to do was using some pathfinding algorithms in the melee movement... maybe when I'm retired ;) see you

Rozu (talk)23:31, 23 April 2014

I've mostly been busy with other projects, largely some electronics stuff. I'll probably link to some project pages for my electronics stuff once I eventually get some up, could take a while though ;)

Also, today I just started trying out a game called The Last Federation which I can't help but reminded of Robocode when playing battles in it. There's no coding of course... but the way that you're dodging bullets and carefully planning movement path with a limited turning rate, plus where to aim at moving opponants, in a (unusually) turn-based environment really strongly resonates with how I think about wave surfing in Robocode. I suspect Robocoders who want a relaxing(?) non-coding game which resonates with the wave surfing mentality might find this one to be interesting.

Rednaxela (talk)05:43, 25 April 2014

Interesting, what kind of electronics? I got stuck into building some analogue amplifiers a while ago, and recently I've been playing with switching regulators.

Skilgannon (talk)17:12, 30 April 2014

I have a problematic habit of starting new projects when existing ones are only partially done... leading to a fair number number of projects being in-progress at a time. Oh well, it's fun :)

Main current ones are:

  • A high bandwidth infrared tranciever board, with which I'm intendeding to try some modulation experiments with.
  • A very high resolution frequency counter (using some phase comparison tricks)
  • An audio ADC project, with some little tricks up my sleeve for improved dynamic range

Each of which involve things that could be considered subprojects in their own right.

Rednaxela (talk)19:50, 30 April 2014