Not Stopping in Time

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Distance should not affect the performance of SAG. (Well, it can in certain circumstances, but those are irrelevant here.) If the bot stops in time, any form of targeting that projects movement based on current velocity will aim head-on. Even at very close range, if the enemy's gun is too hot to fire, EpeeistMicro should be safe.

I already account for the two tick perception delay. It's possible that certain enemies have bugs in their guns that cause them to aim earlier than they fire, but it seems the negative effect is almost universal against bots with linear and circular targeting.

I tried changing the length for power 2's from 56 to 48, and now it crushes bots like AdeptBSB.

Any other ideas why 56 didn't stop in time?

Sheldor (talk)16:08, 19 May 2013

It lags because of the fact that the enemy gun fires before it is turned. So they fire at what they saw last tick, which still had you moving. BTW, the 'extra term' I have in Toorkild 0.4.1's StopAndGo should account for any improvement you can find, but I tested and didn't get any improvement from them. Of course, if a string table is smaller codesize than the one we are using now, there is still a motivation for it I guess, and it wouldn't hurt to leave it out.

Skilgannon (talk)22:18, 19 May 2013