Congratulations on recent updates!

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Excited to see ScalarBot moving to the GoTo-style movement! I was planning to do so this weekend, but probably for different reasons as I'm almost sure I won't gain any points solely because of it, I struggle a lot with GoTo :P

I've mostly worked on hitting and dodging random movers recently, I never run battles against Knight itself. Seems to be a nice thing to do for my next experiments.

Sure, I'll post them soon but they were mostly anti-random gun changes and the experiments are still ongoing. The reason I've not been posting too much is that I moved to another city to an internship and I have a very low cost laptop right now, so I barely open the browser :P But I'm writing down all my change log on file and I'll update the wiki with it soon. Hope I can grab some good improvements over this weekend.

Rsalesc (talk)15:55, 18 November 2017