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In the meantime two more ideas next to the two first ones have popped up that show some promise, at least in theory.

- At start, turn radar towards the middle of the field. Gains nothing (maybe 0.02 APS) and cost quite some code. So dump it.

- Introduce 'wobble'. This shows some promise, but still is rough and needs more exploration. The rough version gains 0.3 APS though.

- next to headingchange, also keep speedchange into account. Although I can't exactly follow the Robocode rules (accel and decell is 1) this gives approx 0.4 APS.

- my 'prevent wall-shooting' aims in the field and adapts bulletpower to intercept the opponent at that point. This works very well at relatively greater distances. At close range, forget that: Aim in the field and fire full power ! Should gain some 0.x APS

It is only a pity that all these things feel a bit 'hacky', while the behaviour of MaxRisk in a battle has much more natural beauty.

GrubbmGait (talk)15:05, 21 September 2017