0.3.19, wat leuk!

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0.3.19, wat leuk!

Congrats to this nice improvement with 0.3.19 :) It's interesting to see what big difference changing the distance can make!

Cb (talk)18:01, 16 October 2017

Yeah, it is a bigger difference than expected. Long time ago a distance of 540 was better, but since then my gun and movement have improved. I would have made top-10 only with this if not those other annoying bots (Firestarter, ScalarBot) entered top-10 before me ;-) Especially dragonbyte.Neutrino triggered the experiments with distance, a pesky bot with quite a good movement, firing 0.1 bullets till around 40 energy.

GrubbmGait (talk)20:03, 16 October 2017

Congratulations from me too ;) I’ve never tried to experiment on distancing that much, since I couldn’t get any better score with prefered distance other than 500 ;) Nice to see that worked again ;)

Xor (talk)04:13, 17 October 2017