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Downloaded file is wrong or corrupted222:19, 17 January 2019

Downloaded file is wrong or corrupted

Hey, it seems that roborumble client cannot recognize your bot, and throws

 Downloaded file is wrong or corrupted: origin.nano.Vergere_0.1.jar
 Could not download origin.nano.Vergere_0.1.jar

Can you try running your bot in manually? And how did you pack your bot? Did you use robocode to pack your bot?

We've tried to fix it by using alternative links, but it doesn't work. Maybe due to roborumble client bug.

Can you try to pack your bot with robocode and re-upload your bot?

Xor (talk)04:12, 20 September 2018

Your bot works fine if we download your bot manually and copy it to roborumble client dir manually. It must be some bug of roborumble client, or you are using some non-standard packing method.

Xor (talk)04:13, 20 September 2018

Hi, Xor. Sorry that I didn't respond for so long. I've been away from Robocode for several months and didn't see the message. Thanks for the info about the problem. I looked at the roborumble source code to see what that error message corresponded to. Turns out that my properties file had an incorrect value for "classname." I'll upload the fixed bot soon and run some roborumble matches to ensure it works. Once again, thanks for the heads up!

Origin (talk)22:19, 17 January 2019