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Melee Surfing

I do implement some ideas about melee surfing on this robot. It's currently keep stats for each robot, use gunheat-base wave placing, linear interpolating and add danger to each risk point. It's movement is not yet complete, therefore not compilable. Some of my headache is on point generating function. This robot is based on Coriantumr so it inherit Coriantumr point generating function. I'm think of two ways, one is not care about waves unless current movement vector will intersect it, or another way, using precise prediction to get set of points. Anyone have ideas? I'll release first version with HOT as soon as I finished it. » Nat | Talk » 18:47, 13 April 2009 (UTC) (PS: Since in melee you can't check for correct energy drop, it seem that try to make mekee surfing alternative to aother melee movement (MinimumRisk here) is good ideas? Or not?)(PS2: Actually I want this robot closed source, but it base off Coriantumr so I must use KPL for his source)

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