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Questions and Comments

Just curious: has anyone used code from TheArtOfWar? Is it just too big and bloated, or are the copyright restrictions too cumbersome? Would switching to a GPL-style license encourage people to use the code? I don't have time to compete, but it would be nice if even just a little piece of TAOW contributed to the bot that some day knocks SandboxDT off the 1-on-1 throne. :-) -- Ray Vermette

Ummm, I often dig in the code to see how you have solved on or other issue I stumble across. It's inspiring to read the code and see how I should have structured my own. =) I think I might some day soon base a robot entirely on TheArtOfWar code structure and then add aiming techniques and movement from there. Not that I have too high hopes to knock down DT, but I just might. =) What are the copyright restrictions anyway? -- PEZ

You know PEZ, I found out that structurisation (is that a valid word?) is a bad thing. Just read through fushi's pvp bot and found out that it consists only of pattern matching gun, random movement and centre orbiting movement. But "thanks to" its structure the codesize is about 8500... -- lRem

Well, I see nothing bad with 8500 codesize. Unless you're making a MiniBot of course. Noone sane would base a mini on TAOW. But even with minibots structure can sometimes save bytes. -- PEZ


Half-decent in Melee? Nah! It's one of the very best melee bots out there. And this without updates for what in Robocode land must count as ages. -- PEZ

This bot won the ChampionsLeague on EternalRumble June 12 2003. It does this at times. This is one strong Melee bot! -- PEZ

And it's still ranked 4th in Melee on the EternalRumble. -- Kawigi

Erratic results

I was checking if Thorn 1.22 had any bad battles, and I noticed this: [1]. Four battles vs TAoW, all from my clients: two show Thorn winning with ~75%, the other two, Thorn losing with 38%. Ran some test battles on this machine, and actually produced both results back to back. TAoW has no helpful console output to diagnose. Very strange! (Was nice to watch some TAoW battles again... beating it 1v1 was one of my first milestones. =) "The skillful tactician may be likened to the shuai-jan.") --Voidious 14:10, 9 October 2009 (UTC)

Scratch that, it's actually just due to Thorn not catching on, and doing Stop And Go the whole match. I thought I had checked for that and ruled it out, but I guess not... --Voidious 14:15, 9 October 2009 (UTC)
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