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Credits - HawkOnFire/Understanding HawkOnFire
Old wiki page: MeleeStrategy/UnderstandingHawkOnFire
Original author(s): Kawigi - hopefully also looked over/edited by Rozu

From the Old Wiki

Great. Haven't read it yet, but I just must comment one of the first statement - "I think it's been on everyone's todo list to take a look at it." Ha! I have never even considered taking a look at it until this page came up. Now though I just might. Just need to fail in a few attempts at melee movements myself first. -- PEZ

I rather read pages like this than to look at the code. When looking at the code, I just see the code. When reading a description like above, I form my own ideas and try to implement them the way I see fit. Ofcourse once in a while I also copy things (like teamcommunication, circular targeting) but I still try to adapt and improve them to my needs. This is yet another excellent page. I wish that I could a) write such clear and informative page and b) write such sophisticated and competetive bot. -- GrubbmGait

Code or prose. Not too much difference for me (as long as the code is somewhat readable). It's just that I don't want to get to "coloured" by other peoples ideas before I try myself. I want to get those "ahhhh!" feels when I later try look at how people have approached the problems I have stumbled across. -- PEZ

I do not know if this has been said yet, but welcome back kawigi. Good to see you around the game still. -- jim

Nice page! I don't think that I have something to edit here. But anyway, I'm open to answer any questions as required. -- rozu


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Extra 50 bytes as mentioned:000:03, 3 September 2013

Extra 50 bytes as mentioned:

In the page, there was an extra 50 bytes to use. Maybe some linear targeting would help. I'm not sure.

BeastBots (talk)00:03, 3 September 2013