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You definitely broke something in Freya 0.44, it dropped quite a lot in melee. (making Gruwel the best Dutch meleebot ;-) ). miniFreya is doing quite well though, it is a really nice allround-bot. --GrubbmGait

  • you are right and wrong at the same time :) Actually i fixed a bug with Freya's GF-gun which caused the statistics to be reset every round. This caused Freya to shoot mainly head-on and score better in melee than it is currently doing. So something must be still broken with the gun when i use it in melee. But the results in 1-vs-1 have improved considerably! miniFreya didn't have this bug. --Loki
    • If you can get to ranking 20 with only a HOT-gun, the movement must be really good. I should put some time in melee(movement) again --GrubbmGait
    • i hope i really repaired the gun with v0.44d. Let's see what happens. --Loki
    • i like the results! --Loki
  • and Gruwel deserves its position as i am much impressed with mini.Gruwel (it really is worthy of its name ;) ). It's movement in the center of a melee fight with bullets flying around and missing Gruwel is impressive to watch! --Loki
    • It's movement is it's strong point and at the same time it's weakness. By staying roughtly around the initial spot (close to others) it can deliver huge amounts of damage, but is also vulnerable and does not always survive the midgame. Some time ago I have made a 'CoriantumrWithGruwelGun' which did considerately better than Gruwel (but not as good as Coriantumr), but I have not had the time to make my 'own' meleemovement yet. --GrubbmGait
    • i think staying in the center (at least initially) is its forte as most bots go to the sides and fire (almost) parallel to the walls. I find these bullets hard to evade. When the number of bots is less than four its probably better to move to one of the corners. Still, i find the survival score is ofter higher than that of Freya so its movement is already strong. --Loki

Freya is definitely Ugluk's white whale at present. I managed to finally beat out 0.31 (the original I got from the repository) in one on one and am within a thousand or so points in a 1000 round melee. It looks like 0.44d is a whole new animal, and I may want to switch targets after achieving satisfactory domination of 0.31. -- Martin Alan Pedersen / Ugluk

i saw the results on Ugluk's page and i must admit it was one of the reasons to look at Freya's code again ;) And i hope you don't mind me using your html-table to display Freya's results: i liked the color as it resembles Freya's battle colors. --Loki

Now you get really close in minimelee, I have already started to sharpen Gruwel's teeth a bit, and I will not neglect it's one-on-one performance (if my idea fits in the 250 bytes I have to spare). --GrubbmGait

  • pitty I wasn't able to view those results. At the moment both mini's are close, but the scores are currently still unreliable (Shadow is even missing from the list). But with you mentioning some new ideas for Gruwel and 250 bytes to spare, i will have to fear for the worst... Success! --Loki
    • I tuned Gruwel down to 1098 bytes without change of functionality. The only problem is that I cannot fit my one-on-one idea in less than 600 bytes yet. As for melee, do not expect huge improvements, because I do not want to change its behaviour to much, only a bit more efficient. --GrubbmGait
    • Congrats, i see you put the 600 bytes to good use: mini.Gruwel 0.3 is the best Dutch mini in 1-vs-1! --Loki
    • The exact numbers: Gruwel 0.2 functionality: 1049 bytes, one-on-one improvement 375 bytes, melee improvement(?) 75 bytes -- GrubbmGait
    • The version of Freya that I downloaded is very awesome and it is my robot's White whale. It always comes to the top of the standings against all robots I have made and downloaded. I am wondering if you know of any better robots? -- Bayen
    • Bayen, thanks for the compliment, but listed in the rankings are some far superior bots. Personally, i am very much impressed by the bots of ABC, Pez, Kawigi and Rozu (to name only a few authors of multiple outstanding bots). --Loki

The updates today of Gruweltje, Ugluk and StoneGhost made mini.Freya tumble 9 points in the melee ranking!!! I better start thinking of something new... Unfortunately i have to work during the Christmass holiday :( --Loki

I am watching a melee of bots near me in the ratings, including 'bvh.micro.Freya 0.1', and at one point I saw Freya in the bottom left firing to the right at nobody in particular while two other bots were near the top. Slip of the radar perhaps, or not realizing your target was dead. -- Martin

  • Martin, your observation is correct. I thought that a reference to a bot deleted from an hash-table would become 'null', but it doesn't, so micro.Freya keeps shooting at a long-dead opponent. I made a bug-fix for this, together with some other improvements (hopefully). It's still om my computer at home, so maybe i can upload it tomorrow. --Loki

It seems that Freya has become a top-15 bot! Congratulations! The top-10 is in sight. -- GrubbmGait

  • i wish i had seen Freya moving into the top 15! But she is now back at her more or less stable position at rank 21 :(

I am trying to introduce a form of WaveSurfing to improve 1-vs-1 and the last stages in melee fights. But seeing the 1-vs-1 ranking and the WaveSurfingChallenge this obviously needs some improvements... --Loki

Freya now has rank #400 in one-on-one (and #33 in melee). You must have introduced a bug. -- GrubbmGait

  • i think so too. Strange enough the current version performed significantly better against my testset. I only found a bug already introduced in v0.61 (which was not that bad). --Loki

It seems Freya finally claims her rightfull place in the top-15. Now the top-10 is jsut a few more tweaks away. -- GrubbmGait

  • Just saw the rankings this morning. Freya ranked even better than expected! And at this moment she has even passed Griezel and has reached the tenth position. But with a difference of 0.4 that can change any minute... Still, this is more than i have hoped for. --Loki v0.50_d1: evaluation: 10.4794%; std. deviation: 0.1306% (battles: 30) v0.52: evaluation: 10.7964%; std. deviation: 0.1714% (battles: 30) v0.53: evaluation: 11.6495%; std. deviation: 0.1425% (battles: 30) 

Looks like improvement to me. Yet v0.53 has a 10point lower rating than v0.52. So the new testbed is not representative either. I will try a new set of bots tonight. --Loki

It seems to me that as time marches on the calibre of opponents keeps increasing, making it harder to achieve the same score percentages and ratings. I guess you could test this by re-releasing a tank (by repackaging the bot based on its .robotcache class files?) and seeing what rating it gets. -- Martin

Looks like Freya 0.70 is an equal match to Griezel. Now it is time to get mini.Freya up to the level of the surprising mini.Gruwel and the slightly disappointing mini.Griezel. -- GrubbmGait

sorry GrubbmGait, i missed your remarks. You are wrong: i think bot mini.Gruwel and mini.Griezel are amazing. They keep their position despite the arival of quite a number of strong new melee bots. And you are right: mini.Freya needs an update, but i am currently working on Freya (i found a way to improve 1-vs-1 without degrading melee, i think) and i restarted work on Wolwa (which will be a wave surfer). --Loki

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