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nice bot, nice name, and a really remarkable OneOnOne result!!! -- rozu

Lol, thanks - I'm a little surprised about the OneOnOne result, actually, but its LRP graph tells the story. It has an outstanding gun, on the level of FloodMini, that it uses for one-on-one, and crappy movement that mostly stays off of GF 0. But where it seems to do better against the lower bots one-on-one, it seems to do better against the better bots in melee. -- Kawigi

Just found your page on MinimumRiskMovement... DuelistMiniMelee 1.1 and 1.2 both use a flavor of that. Looking wayyyy back, that's what was responsible for this: At the time, nobody else was doing anything like it, at least not in the minis. :-) --David Alves

LoL, you owned the field at that point in time I guess. Be on the look-out for Shiz (the micro-version) and a new version of Coriantumr soon - I think I came up with a way for it to avoid a little better, and even leave some extra room for better one-on-one movement. -- Kawigi

"And it came to pass that Moron did overthrow him..." - my new favorite religious passage, from right before the bit about Coriantumr. :-) --David Alves

Here's what melee testing can be like:

And so great and lasting had been the war, and so long had been the scene of bloodshed and carnage, that the whole face of the land was covered with the bodies of the dead.

And so swift and speedy was the war that there was none left to bury the dead, but they did march forth from the shedding of blood to the shedding of blood, leaving the bodies of both men, women, and children strewed upon the face of the land, to become a prey to the worms of the flesh.

And the scent thereof went forth upon the face of the land, even upon all the face of the land; wherefore the people became troubled by day and by night, because of the scent thereof. (Ether 14:21-23)

-- Kawigi

This bot is beginning to get on my nerves. For some reason it keeps getting about 10% better accuracy (speaking about absolute numbers!) than Spectre. I tried to change my sanity check (the thing about checking whether enemy can realy get to the predicted GF) to your way and it got even worse. And the thing that made me fall of my chair is that when I plugged segmentation out of Coriantumr, it got even 3% better accuracy! This must be some black magic, or I have to change the testbed... --lRem

Sounds like you might have a bug, but also - do you use Coriantumr's radar lock (i.e. lock on your target for some number of ticks before you fire)? Accuracy isn't only about your gun. And Coriantumr's segmentations aren't bad, in either melee or one-on-one. -- Kawigi

I think I've read every single line of the code about ten times, so it could be some problem with concept, probably radar. Still I like my radar, it spins more than Coriantumr's and still delivers me a scan before every shot. But I'll check whether 6 scans help, thanks for the suggestion. --lRem

Also, if you want to shave off a byte or two, I think in the line where you set myLocation to your location, instead of:

myLocation = new Point2D.Double(getX(), getY());

you might want to do


I'm not sure if it reduces codesize though. --Starrynte

I will also suggest changing your findRisk() function slightly. Right now, when determining which bots are closer to a certain bot (to find out who is probably shooting at you) you are not checking if the current bot you "iterated to" is the certain bot! I hope you understand what i mean --Starrynte

I have so many thoughts for Coriantumr today! Anyways, if a bot is dead you will still act like it's there... --Starrynte

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