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I'm a little unsure about having this under "Advanced" targeting strategies, as it's pretty simple by today's standards, but I think it's pretty clearly not a "simple" targeting strategy like linear or circular targeting. I'm also hesitant to start overcategorizing, like "intermediate" targeting strategies and such. Any input is welcome. Also, should the below chat be on an Archived Talk page, even though it's just a few comments? --Voidious 04:34, 13 November 2007 (UTC)

I say leave it in Advanced Targeting. Also, I think we should keep the comments where they are; the archive pages should be for long discussions. --AaronR 04:43, 13 November 2007 (UTC)

From old wiki's Averaged Bearing Offset Targeting page

It can be improved by:

  • Using a rolling average.
  • Segmenting the statistics
    • Maybe by distance
    • Maybe by delta bearing from last scan (like in MakoHT/Code)
    • Maybe by both
    • Maybe something else (suggestions anyone?)

-- PEZ

The NanoLauLectrik-style pattern matcher pattern matchs basically this (distance is factored out, though). It seems a good alternative to averaging it. -- Kuuran

a simply segmented average offset gun seem like it would be really good for a nano bot. i think i'll try it. --andrew

In order to do this you need waves, yes? If you have waves already you may as well make a GF gun, surely. -- Tango

Yes, you need waves. And it's not a very good targeting method anyway. It looked good at first. But that turned out to be success with movement. -- PEZ

i'm doing it without waves. i'll post my bot if it works. --andrew

Without waves? The only ways I can see of doing this without waves is with either VirtualBullets or RealBullets, the first being over complicated, and the second being too slow. I'm interested to see your idea... -- Tango

i have some weird idea forming in my head that might turn into somthing decent. it's part of my quest to create an original gun like mike did in mz.adept. --andrew

There are, of course, techniques like those used in ThnikkaBot and Nemo 2 using lateral velocity sums. -- Kawigi

I posted alot of stuff about using wave-free guns awhile back, including a lateral velocity method. Just search the wiki for this stuff, Tango. -- Kuuran

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