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Years ago, this page was created by Axe with the following notice: "THIS PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION, PLEASE AVOID EDITING IT UNTIL I´M FINISHED... Thanks, Axe." It was never completed, so it's been migrated in its unfinished form.
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Wave Suffering


No pain, no gain!

What it is

Wave Suffering is how I call my own implementation of Wave Surfing.

Wave Surfing is one of the most effective moving techniques in Robocode, specially powerful against simple targeters. The general idea is to keep in track the enemy bullets, and try to avoid the "areas of hight risk".

A bot when firing, produce Waves, just like drops in the water. In Wave Surfing your bot will try to surf the incoming waves just like any surfer, trying to avoid the peaks (hight risk areas) in order to stay scott-free.


Well, there are lots of reasons to call it Wave Suffering... And one is that u have to dominate first some concepts and techniques:

SilverSurfer´s WaveSuffering

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