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Background Information

Bot Name






What's special about it?

Well, it's a fairly competitive micro with an interesting adaptive movement.

Great, I want to try it. Where can I download it?

How competitive is it?

We'll see.


How does it move?

It's movement is similar to SavantVS's, but it has a segment on distance, wall avoidance, and a much better formula for choosing a velocity. Basically, every time the enemy fires it chooses the best velocity (positive or negative) to move at in order to not get hit.

How does it fire?

It uses a weekendobsession gun, which is fairly strong while being very small in codesize.

Is this robot melee-capable?

Not at all.

What does it save between rounds and matches?

The gun data and log of enemy hits.

Additional Information

Where did you get the name?

It uses Savant's movement and it's a micro.

Can I use your code?


What's next for your robot?

There are several problems with this bot:


  • It's movement loses a LOT of effectiveness over distance, despite the distance segment. This is part of the reason it does poorly against most of the top micro's, as most of them try to stay as far away as possible at all times.
  • It still has problems with enemy wall hits and gathering data when the enemy is very very close.


  • I get the since that against strong bots, the movement does very well but the gun doesn't hit quite as much as it should. However, the weekendobsession gun probably won't be getting any changes.

Does it have any White Whales?

I'd really like for it to be able to beat WaveShark, as they both have the same gun but WaveShark uses real wavesurfing instead of just duplicating the effect. However, it does very poorly against WaveShark currently (probably could be helped by improving it's movement over a distance).

What other robot(s) is it based on?

SavantVS, my nano velocitysurfer.

Version History

1.0: Huge improvement. Total rewrite of robot, but still using a similar movement. Improvements made:

  • Now uses a weekendobsession gun. Not my first choice, but I needed more space for a movement.
  • The movement factors in all hits when picking when to move, not just the hits at the last velocity. This is the most important change, as the last movement acted basically like a random 2-velocity pattern that changed upon being hit. It still has some aspects of that, but it now works pretty much better overall against everything.
  • SavantMicro's behavior near walls has been drastically improved. Previously, it wallsmoothed and changed direction if the angle was too steep. This meant if the robot was hit because of a direction change due to being near the wall, the movement wouldn't know what had happened and would add the hit to the wrong place. Now it just doesn't move in velocities that would result in a wall hit, making it do pretty well when near walls.
  • Much better anti-ramming.
  • Energy management added.
  • No longer takes bullets that hit it after the enemy died into account. This was another thing fouling up the data it gathered.

0.31: No score change

  • Minor bugfix

0.3: APS-62.88%

  • Revert to 0.1.
  • Add distance control.


  • Two movement modes, one where it avoids using the same velocity again.
  • Removed some distance segmentation.
  • Added a gun mode that uses rolling averages.

0.1: APS-61.89%