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A MediaWiki extension by Voidious that leverages the API access (append &api=True to URLs) on Skilgannon's LiteRumble instance to make it really easy to include rumble stats in your version history.

Example use and output

To use it for Diamond 1.8.22 in the General 1v1 RoboRumble, you'd do the following:

  • {{subst:rumblestats:roborumble|voidious.Diamond 1.8.22}}
  • RoboRumble ‒ APS: 90.33% (2nd), PL: 984-1 (2nd), Survival: 97.95%

For Twin Duel, the Survival and APS are swapped in the output:

  • {{subst:rumblestats:twinduel|voidious.twin.LuminariousDuo 1.13}}
  • TwinDuelRumble ‒ Survival: 81.06% (1st), PL: 20-4 (5th), APS: 69.34%

The ranks are calculated dynamically, based on where the scores would put the bot in the current rankings (ignoring other versions of the same bot).


The first parameter is the rumble category, which can be any of:

  • 1v1 Rumbles: roborumble, minirumble, microrumble, nanorumble
  • Melee Rumbles: meleerumble, minimeleerumble, micromeleerumble, nanomeleerumble
  • Team Rumble: teamrumble
  • Twin Duel Rumble: twinduel

The second parameter is the full bot name and version, such as would be put on the RoboRumble/Participants page.


By default, the extension uses Template:RumbleStatsDefault, which is formatted as shown above. You can create your own formats, as well. Check out Category:RoboRumble Stats to find out how, and to browse existing templates.

Important usage note!

Please be sure to add the "subst:" tag when using this, otherwise it will be querying the RR server for the stats every time the page loads. Also, be mindful when doing repeated previews of a page after you insert this tag, as it will query the RR server every time until you submit.