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I'm a 22-year old Brazilian student and ex-competitive programmer. I'm currently pursuing a BS in Computer Science. I discovered Robocode in my college, which held a competition in 2016. At that time I was practising for another kind of competition, so I decided not to participate. As a consequence, I haven't actually seen the game until August 2017, when I decided to code a robot for this years' competition. Until this point I thought the bots could see the bullets flying over the battlefield and was quite surprised by how the game actually looked like.

When I first read this wiki I decided I would build a strong bot with the existing techniques. I decided I wouldn't try to invent anything new and that I would code it all from scratch even though the ideas were widespread. My second thought was that, after that, I would finally try to come up with something innovative.


  • Knight -- my third robot, a full re-write (really, no new features) of my first robot, but with no Bullet Shielding. It is still in development.
  • Roborio -- my first robot. Kinda surprised me how it broke into the top-20 so quickly. It's an all DC MegaBot. It's development was ended since it's meant to be entirely replaced by Knight.
  • Medina - a melee MegaBot Wave Surfer based on Monk.
  • Monk - supposed to be my first serious melee entry. It was released earlier than Knight, but it has the same 1v1 structure of it. It's melee structure is basically the one from RoborioPorradeiro. I surprisingly didn't have to put much effort into it to get a top-15 in MeleeRumble.
  • RoborioPorradeiro - a melee MegaBot which moves by Minimum Risk Movement and fires with a Dynamic Clustering Play-It Forward gun. Very simple by nature and will not be improved much more than that. It was just a reference so I knew how much effort I had to put into a melee bot.