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The Robocode Repository is a now-defunct website that formerly hosted robot JARs for download.

The Repository was launched on August 25, 2001 by Dan Lynn. (This means it preceded the RoboWiki itself, which launched in 2003). The website provided a space for bot authors to describe their bots and host their JARs or sources, as well as a forum for discussion. Many sections of it (e.g. Tips, Code Snippets) were planned but never completed. Development halted after 2006, amid promises that this would be a temporary situation "until the new Rails-based site is ready".

When the entire website was finally shut down without announcement in November 2015, many historically important bots were lost. Fortunately, all RoboRumble participants were spared, their JARs being recovered from client robot stores. Rednaxela and Jdev quickly launched mirrors of they JARs they had (StrangeAutomata, GitHub), and all broken Robocode Repository links on the wiki were mass-converted in 2017.