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When you are ready to release your robot, you will want to package it, bundling the entire robot into a single JAR file. This is the de facto way to distribute Robocode robots on the Internet, and it is a requirement for entering it into RoboRumble.

To package a robot, use the Robot -> Package robot or team tool:

Shows how to start packaging a robot by selecting "Package robot or team" from the Robot menu

Select the robot you want to package:

Shows a dialog that lets the user select which robot or team to package

Click Next and fill in details about your new robot:

Shows a dialog where the user can fill in all the details about the robot or team to package

Click Next again, to choose a filename. The default should be fine.

Shows a dialog that lets the user choose a filename for the robot package

Click Package! on the last page, and Robocode will package your robot for you:

Shows a confirmation dialog to let the user choose to package or cancel packaging the robot or team

That's it! You are done. If you have left the path at its default, the JAR should be saved in robocode/robots/.

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