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By now, you should know how to create robots with the Robot Editor. If not, you should follow the My First Robot Tutorial first. You will also want to look at some tutorials as well.

Eventually, though, you'll want to learn by examining code written by others. Some authors graciously include the source to their robots, and you can examine these robots using the Extract downloaded robot for editing tool, in the Robot Editor:

Shows how to extract a robot by selecting "Extract downloaded robot for editing" in the File menu of the Robot Editor

Select the robot you want to extract:

Shows the dialog used when extracting a robot, where the user must choose which robots to extract

Then click Extract to extract the .jar to the robots/ directory:

Shows a dialog which prints out information about the progress and results of extracting a robot

The files in the robot will be extracted to robocode/robots/<package name path>/. You can look at them in the Robot Editor:

Shows the Open File dialog for the Robot Editor where the user can select which files to open in the editor

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