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Wondering how to run your robot in Robocode from Eclipse? Well this is possible! And that is what this page is all about.

Running your robot from Eclipse

Right-click on your project, move the mouse-pointer down to Run As in the menu that opens and click Run....

Shows how to start running a robot by right-clicking on the robot project, and then select "Run..." from the "Run As" item on the popup menu that occurs in Eclipse

Now the following window will show up:

Shows the Run dialog where the user must first press the "New" button, and then click "Java Application" to create a launch configuration for the robot

Click on the Java Application on the left side, and afterwards the New button (New launch configuration).

Now you should change the name of your launch configuration to something you remember, e.g. MyRobots - Robocode.

In the Main class field you must write robocode.Robocode, which is the main class of Robocode used for playing the game.

Shows the Run dialog's run configuration details for the Main pane, where the name of the launch configuration must be typed in

Next, you must click on the Arguments tab.

Here you write -Xmx512M -Ddebug=true into the VM arguments text box. The -Xmx512M tells the Java VM that Robocode can use up to maximum 512 MB RAM off the heap, -Ddebug=true tells Robocode that it should not give you skipped turns just because you paused robot in debugger, and is a workaround to prevent SecurityExceptions to occur when robots try to access a file.

Finally, you must click on the Other radio button under Working directory, and then write the full path to the folder where Robocode is installed in the text file beside Other.

Shows the Run dialog's run configuration details for the Arguments pane, where the text field path for "Other:" under "Working Directory" must be typed in

Now you press "Run", and Robocode will (hopefully) start up. In Robocode you start your robot by selecting Battle->New from the menu or by using the hotkey Ctrl+N. Next, you select your robot and some other opponent robots, and press "Start Battle".

The next time you want to run your robot(s) in Robocode from Eclipse, you simply run your launch configuration like this:

Shows the popup menu that occurs when the user selects the "run" button in Eclipse, where MyRobots launch configuration must be selected in order to run it

An easier way is just to click on the "green play button" without the popup menu. This will start the last launch configuration automatically, which should be your project.


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