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This page describes how to create a robot in Eclipse, and assume that you already know how to create a project in Eclipse.

Creating a Robot in Eclipse

Ok, so we have a project now, and it's time to create a robot (or many robots!) in it.

First, right-click on the MyRobots project, and select New -> Class:

Shows how to select a new class by right-clicking on the MyRobots project

Next, fill in the package name (Robocode suggests your initials), a Robot Name (here I have FnlBot), and change the Superclass field to robocode.Robot:

Shows the dialog for creating a new Java class named FnlBot, which is inherited from the robocode.Robot class

Click Finish, and you'll see your robot class, like this:

Shows editing the newly created source file, which is empty and needs to be filled out with some code

You can now edit your robot however you like.

Shows editing the newly created source file, which has now been filled out with a bit more meaningful code

You can save your robot as often as you like by hitting CTRL-S, or selecting File->Save. There's no need to explicit select Compile (as in the Robot Editor for Robocode) anymore, since Eclipse automatically takes care of this task for you, when you make changes to your files.

Have fun playing around with Eclipse. Since there's no better way to learn than by playing around, I'll leave you to it!

If you want help starting a robot you should check out the My First Robot tutorial

The only thing left is to make sure that Robocode sees your robot.


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