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This page describe how to add a robot project from another IDE into Robocode.

Adding your Robot Project to Robocode

Start up Robocode and select Preferences from the Options menu, select the Development Options tab, and then type in the path to your robots project.

Shows the Development Options pane in the Preferences dialog, which let's the user type or browse to the /robots folder from a project from another IDE

Click Finish, then start a new battle (and perhaps press F5 in order to refresh the list of robots), and voila! There's your robot.

Show the New Battle dialog showing the FnlBot beside the sample robots

You can edit your robot in Eclipse as much as you want. Just remember to save it (CTRL-S) before switching back to Robocode. Robocode will use the latest compiled version, every time you start a new battle.

Eclipse is very powerful, and will assist you greatly in writing robots (or anything else, for that matter). For instance, try hitting CTRL-SPACE when you can't remember the exact wording of something:

Shows the popup that will occur when the user press CTRL-SPACE on an uncompleted method name, which suggests the method names available based on the letters already typed


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