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What is RoboResearch Now?

RoboResearch is a tool you can use to test your bot's performance in different challenges, whether standard ones found on this wiki (see the "Challenges" section on the Main Page) or challenges you create yourself. It will run multiple battles of your bot against each of the reference bots in the challenge, reporting your bot's score after each one. It can also leverage the added power of dual- or quad-core machines by specifying the number of battles to run in parallel. This tool, or one like it, is a must for any serious robot developer.

Check out some sample output from running a 76th season of the Movement Challenge 2K7 on a dual-core machine. Notice that results are in wiki format to easily copy and paste to brag about your results (currently using a mix of UseMod and MediaWiki formats).

What will RoboResearch be in the Future?

Two related development efforts are currently underway. One is a graphical interface to RoboResearch, the second is networking together RoboResearch clients in a distributed computing environment, so that users can share their CPU power. Stop by the /Development page for more information and to share your own ideas!

How do I get RoboResearch?

  • You can get a copy of the latest unofficial source from GitHub: RoboResearch GitHub
  • There exists a binary copy that works with the latest robocode versions. You can download it here: Download

Currently the official RoboResearch is only mainly available via its source code.

  1. You can get a copy of roboresearch from its sourceforge home by pointing an SVN client at You're after the "trunk" folder.
  2. Continue with the (hopefully) helpful instructions found in docs/getting_started_running.txt.

How can I Help Develop RoboResearch?

So you'd like to help in the development efforts of RoboResearch? That's great! The first thing you'll want to do is get a copy of it (see above). Next contact Simonton to discuss how you'd like to help, and get set up a developer in SourceForge (contact information can be found on the old wiki).