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RaikoMXVersion History - Archived Talk 20040227 - Archived Talk 20090525

  • 0.31 - special 'school's out forever' version. ;) Cleaned up some of the code and tweaked the criterea for selecting a direction.
    • Withdrawn - quite a spectacular failure given how well it tested. Must test against pattern matchers more...
  • 0.29 released. I know I said no more releases, but I was turning the code over in my head today and realized that 0.21->0.28 are all completely broken. My movement simulation is effectively returning random numbers. 0.29 is a bugfix + minor tweak.
  • 0.28. Tweaked the avoidance for simple guns, and implemented a little strategy for opening/closing game.
  • 0.27 released. Reasonable jump in performance in testing so it'll probably end up down 20 points. ;-) Implemented ABC's suggestion to weight bullets by their distance (I used bullet flight time, though), added crib sheets so I'm now back to saving targeting data (and I can fit full offensive and defensive data on every bot in the rumble!) and made some small tweaks.
  • 0.24 released. Slightly more accurate movement prediction. Now knows it can go backwards. Dodges a dead enemy's bullets and waits until it can't be hit to save data to avoid disablement. Smart wall smoothing.
  • 0.21 released. Cleaned up/rationalized some of the code, implemented rolling averages and data-saving for the enemy hit statistics, hopefully improved it against the weaker bots without affecting it's score against the strong, and tweaked the learning speed of my own gun.