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Results - RaikoNMT - Archived Talk 20090505

A "real world" targeting benchmark that tests a gun's score in the RoboRumble while attached to a common movement. Unlike other targeting challenges that use a controlled environment, this one allows you to control your bullet power and compete against a huge field of opponents, providing a direct and accurate benchmark of how "good" your gun is in terms of RoboRumble points.


  • Stick your gun on top of Raiko 0.43, disable the Musashi Trick, and enter it into the RoboRumble. For a quick and clean hack it is advised to use PEZ's /RaikoNMT classes (found in his entry BeeRRGC) as a framework.
  • The resulting bot must be a MegaBot. (MiniBots may get a disproportionate percentage of mini-rumble battles.)
  • Post your results here, ordered by rating, descending.

The source for BeeRRGC (containing /RaikoNMT) can be found here: BeeRRGC on Robocode Repository

The source for RaikoRRGC can be found here: RaikoRRGC on Robocode Repository

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