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Formally known as ProjectX, but as I've recently found out, the name ProjectX has been used for many a things, so I'm changing my syntax to PX.

I started Robocoding in 2006, but haven't produced anything good yet... I'm just starting again (2008) and am hoping to do a bit better ;)

I am a student of Mechanical Engineering and Computing Technology at the University of Ottawa, Canada. I'm currently planing to go into the field of robotics and AI. (ya, maybe thats why i think robocode is so cool!)

My Bots


> ProjectNano2.0

> TestNano1.0


> ProjectNano (oups, wasn't a nano)


> none!


> Crusaider (unfinished/unreleased)


     Machines: Wired For War
             > Development of Machines 2 under way. Programmers needed!
             > Free game download. (Machines Demo and even the FULL version! also: Mods and patches )

CannotTie.PNG Stat targeting.PNG