Pattern Matcher Challenge

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There are a lot of good Pattern Matching guns out there. I've got a nice challenge for those guns :-)


  • First of all, you'll need the reference bot, /Pattern Bot: here.
  • You may only fire 0.5 power bullets.
  • Your bot may NOT move.
  • The challenger meets the reference bot in battle over 100 rounds.
  • Arena size 1000 x 1000.
  • Everything else set to Robocode defaults.


  • Your bot's index the ratio between your bot's bullet damage and the reference bot's bullet damage times 100. You calculate your score like this: (your_bullet_damage / reference_bullet_damage) * 100.0
  • Results are posted at /Results.

Your bot is given a slight advantage: /Pattern Bot only starts firing when it gets into its movement pattern. If you hit it a few times before that, you may have a chance to win. If you don't, then only ONE bullet missed will mean you lose :-)

/Pattern Bot is expected to win from all but the best Pattern Matching Guns. Its movement is completely predictable, BUT it does have some nasty (yet predictable) surprises. On a 1000x1000 battlefield it will NOT hit any walls, so that won't break the predictability..

/Pattern Bot will hit your bot 100% of the time! So obviously, your Pattern Matching gun should also get a 100% score (or a little less if you are able to hit /Pattern Bot early).

Who will be able to complete the challenge????

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