Path Surfing

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First described by Kev in BeepBoop:

It uses a new type of WaveSurfing I call PathSurfing. It is a sort of generalization of True Surfing. As well as considering going forward/backward/stopping until the wave passes, it also considers other "paths"; for example one might be driving forward 3 ticks and then reversing 5 ticks. An advantage over GoTo Surfing is that it considers how it gets to a point as well as the point itself. For example, it sometimes drives past and then reverses into the lowest danger point if that helps is get to a low-danger area on the next wave.

Some older bots (melee) are using similar idea unconsciously, including (I guess) Firestarter, ScalarR, and more. But to my knowledge, usage in 1v1 is pioneered by BeepBoop.