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Premier League (PL) is a method of scoring robots in the RoboRumble.

Original Premier League

The original PL scoring method, as proposed by PEZ, was:

  • Each robot either wins, loses, or ties against each of its enemies.
  • A win (above 50% average score) earns a bot 2 points.
  • A tie (exactly 50% average score) earns a bot 1 point.
  • A loss (below 50% average score) earns a bot 0 points.
  • Each bot's PL ranking is the sum of its points.

PL scoring was implemented in Darkcanuck's RoboRumble server and many previous servers. For example, DrussGT 2.0.5 had a PL score of 1616.

New PL Format

Eventually, it was realized that:

  • Ties (exactly 50% score) didn't actually happen.
  • PL scores were plain numbers, which were not very interpretable.

The new PL scoring method was simply winloss. For instance, Diamond 1.8.22 had a PL score of 923-1.


The LiteRumble server introduced Percentage Won (PWIN), which is simply the percentage of enemies a robot can win against. This was intended to solve the problem of PL scores increasing as the number of competitors increases, meaning that current PL scores cannot be compared with historical ones. For instance, Gilgalad currently has a PWIN score of 99.48%.

While PWIN is currently used on the RoboRumble server, it has not caught on elsewhere.