Movement Challenge Y2K9/WaveSurfing Challenge

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The WaveSurfing Challenge Y2K9 gives you a way to measure your bot's ability to avoid getting hit by very predictable targeting systems. To measure your bot's movement against bots with advanced targeting systems, use other parts of the Movement Challenge Y2K9.

Avoiding Head-On Targeting and Linear Targeting are easy with BasicSurfer. Circular Targeting is more effective but still easy to dodge, too. Now, Mean Linear and Mean Circular make a dodging a LOT harder.

Reference Bot

How to run the challenge

  • Grab the reference bot (link soon)
  • Run 15 seasons of 35 rounds battle vs. each WSCBot.
  • Arena size 800 x 600
  • Everything else set to Robocode defaults
  • You are not allowed to fire any bullets