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How to run the Movement Challenge

  1. Obtain all the MC bots listed at Movement Challenge 2K7/Reference Bots.
  2. Modify the bot you're going to run through the challenge to use the Raiko gun, wiki/mc2k7/, from the reference bots .zip file.
  3. Run 500 rounds against each of the MC bots with your modified bot (for regular results), or 15 battles of 35 rounds (for Fast Learning results), making note of bullet damage scores. RoboResearch is highly recommended as it automates all the battles very nicely.
  4. To determine the index against each bot, use: (your score / total score). Average these values for each category, then average each category for your overall score.
  5. Post as per existing posting format at Movement Challenge 2K7/Results (for 500 round battles) or Movement Challenge 2K7/Fast Learning Results (for 35 round battles).